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About Our Programs

Our chess programs use an interactive and hands-on approach for students to learn chess.  Students participate in fun, engaging chess activities that include chess instruction, lessons in opening preparation, tactics, middlegame and endgame strategies, identifying checkmate patterns and a hands-on chess lab with worksheets and chess puzzle problems. Students practice what they have learned by playing chess with their classmates, using clocks and notation for a fully immersive tournament style of play that is fun yet implements effective strategies that prepare the student for more advanced levels and/or tournament play.  Our programs build a strong foundation of chess knowledge for the beginner, advanced, expert and master students! Programs available for all levels!

Think Ahead 100%
Problem Solving Skills 100%
Brain Exercises 100%
Social Skills 100%
Good Sportsmanship 100%

Master Training, National and International Chess Tournaments and Programs!