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2008 Pan American-Continental Championship Prize Winners

GM Jaan Ehlvest has won 1st Place in the 2008 Pan American-Continental Championship and he has qualified for the 2009 World Cup! GM Alexander Ivanov & GM Joshua Friedel tied for 2nd Place!

Check out the list of Prize Winners! Congratulations to all the players! Thanks to all for making this a successful and memorable event!!!

Cash Prizes:

  • GM Jaan Ehlvest 1st $ 4,000.00
  • GM Alexander Ivanov tie 2nd 2,500.00
  • GM Joshua Friedel tie 2nd 2,500.00
  • GM Julio Becerra tie 4th 775.00
  • GM Alexander Stripunsky tie 4th 775.00
  • GM Manuel Leon Hoyos tie 4th 775.00
  • GM Vinay Bhat tie 4th 775.00
  • GM Darcy Lima tie 4th 775.00
  • IM Ray Robson tie 4th 775.00
  • IM Sergio Barrientos tie 4th 775.00
  • FM Renato Terry tie 4th 775.00
  • GM Alexander Shabalov tie 12th 134.00
  • IM Alder Escobar tie 12th 134.00
  • IM Everaldo Matsuura tie 12th 134.00
  • IM Dionisio Aldama tie 12th 134.00
  • IM Justin Sarkar tie 12th 134.00
  • FM Daniel Rensch tie 12th 134.00
  • GM Gildardo Garcia tie Senior 150.00
  • FM Ilye Figler tie Senior 150.00
  • IM David Arenas Junior 300.00
  • WFM Alisa Melekhina Woman 300.00

The Pan American Continental coverage in today’s (Nov. 7th) edition of the Sun Sentinel.

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